VienCon 2022

Thanks for visiting me at VienCon 2022! It was great to finally meet you. I’ve been waiting since 2019 to visit cons as an artist!

Not only do I like making silly merch and fun guinea pig pins, I also love and live for drawing stories. I love making stories come to life and the best part, you can read my comics on WebToons for free!

Burying Sadness by Laila Portrays

Burying Sadness

Aliquis lives on a small planet where he received a daily package with things to eat and things to do. One day he received a package with something he doesn’t want to eat, so he decides to bury it in the garden, where he doesn’t have to look at it.

Bull’s Journey: Going Home

After Aisha’s birthday picknick, she forgets her favourite plushie, Bull. Now it’s on him to get home before night time with her birthday gift… Bull’s journey is one of hardship and friendship.

Bringing stories to life is one of my biggest dreams! And it’s an honour to make them for you. Thanks for reading!

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